Maquinaria Termo Plástico, S.L. has been dedicated for more than 25 years to the commercialization of machinery and peripherals for the plastic transformation industry.

It provides technical assistance and spare parts supply for all the machinery it sells.

Our products are distinguished by a high quality of last generation, which allows us to compete in an increasingly competitive market where the added value is the main attraction for it.

MTP has formed an excellent professional team trained at commercial and technical level through constant development and experience. We carry out marketing and technical service of plastic injection molding machinery and peripherals.

Our mission is based on the quality of attention and service to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.


The Management of Maquinaría Termoplástico SL (MTP), a company specialized in the commercialization of machinery and peripherals for the plastic transformation industry, is the maximum responsible for the quality in our organization. The MTP SL Management has as one of its priority objectives to improve the positioning of the company in the plastics sector, being the quality of the services provided, the quality of our marketed products, and the continuous improvement, the elements that differentiate us from our competitors. The quality policy of MTP SL is based on the following guidelines:

  • Continuous improvement of the organization's management, increasing the quality of service. by establishing a system of indicators and objectives, the implementation of a system of indicators and objectives, audits and the implementation of improvement actions.
  • The development of an adequate attitude and aptitude in customer service and other interested parties parties in order to achieve their full satisfaction, controlling and trying to reduce the number of complaints.
  • The desire to become a role model in the industry by offering technology and products that allow sustainable energy savings as far as possible for our customers.

To this end, the Management is committed to:

  • Integrate the quality culture into the company's philosophy, complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System and improving its effectiveness.
  • To provide the company with all the material and human resources necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives.
  • Implementing risk management as a fundamental part of our Management System, with the intention of defining the necessary controls for the quality of our products and services.
  • To train and maintain a human team by acquiring an operating philosophy based on the professional honesty, quality and competitiveness, providing a clear and unequivocal and unconditional guarantee of our service.
  • To comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To meet the needs and requirements of our customers and other interested parties, and any other requirements that apply to the organization on an ongoing basis.

The Management and all MTP SL personnel are committed to comply with the guidelines established in this document.

The Management of MTP S.L

Date: 14/06/2018