The new version of the JM series of mills: Suitable for injection molding processes

Among TRIA's best sellers in the field of injection, the JM series has seen the birth of a new version, the result of listening to customers' needs. Alongside the previous models, which are still present in the range dedicated to injection, a new version of JM 2115 and 4215. Among the main novelties we find:
- A hopper with a larger inlet to better collect the material coming from the press.
- Reduced height for easy placement under the press
- A small footprint to make the best use of the available space next to the press, ensuring a smooth passage for personnel and work vehicles.
- High efficiency motor to reduce consumption.
- Noise reduced to a minimum without the use of a soundproof box for on-line and off-line use.

Technology 4.0 is the new standard, and companies are embracing it too. TRIA, which pays attention to customer needs, is doing the same: we have created several applications, including a repeat supply to a large automotive multinational. TRIA, which is adopting Euromap directives in terms of OPC-UA communication protocols between different machines, has created applications that can be easily adapted to the customer's production line.
These applications allow:
- Continuous monitoring of the entire system
- System diagnostics
- Teleassistance
- Continuous monitoring of consumption
- Blade wear monitoring
- Remote system control
Industry 4.0 also means sustainability and energy savings. In fact:
- Only 10% of installed power is used for dry operation
- Only 30% of the installed power is used for milling.
In addition, energy consumption is minimized thanks to the standard function: sequential automatic shutdown, in case of prolonged absence of material at the shredder inlet.

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